, Volume 67, Issue 3, pp 307-316
Date: 09 Feb 2011

Oxidative stress induced by gibberellic acid on kidney tissue of female rats and their progeny: biochemical and histopathological studies

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Gibberellic acid (GA3) is an endogenous plant growth regulator used worldwide in agriculture. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of GA3 on the kidney function of adult rats and their pups. Female Wistar rats were given daily 200 ppm GA3 in drinking water from the 14th day of pregnancy until day 14 after delivery. GA3 induced nephrotoxicity, as evidenced by a reduction in the 24-h urine volume and an increase in plasma creatinine, urea and uric acid levels. Nephrotoxicity was objectified by a significant increase of malondialdehyde level and a decrease of antioxidant enzyme activities like catalase, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione content in kidneys of suckling pups and their mothers. Kidney histological studies confirmed biochemical parameters. We concluded that the exposure of rats to GA3 induced oxidative stress and histopathological changes in kidneys of suckling rats and their mothers during late pregnancy and early postnatal periods.
Ibtissem Ben Amara and Nejla Soudani contributed equally to this work.