, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 29-30
Date: 11 Mar 2011

The Regional Hospital of Aosta

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On November 13, 1572 The knights of the Maurizian Order were founded in Turin, Italy. In order to be accepted into the order one had to be of noble origin, but also had to have lived and studied and served with humility for 5 years in a monastery.

It was this Order which, after having inherited jurisdiction over the valdostan property formerly belonging to the Clerics of Gran San Bernardo, in 1752 took the initiative to construct a large and modern hospital for the infirm of the city of Aosta and its surrounding area.

The new hospital replace the “Hospice of Charity” founded by Boniface Festaz in 1657. It was created exclusively for the care of the sick in accordance with the Kingdom of Sardinia’s directives of the late 1700s.

To house the new hospital, on October 20, 1772 the order acquired the palace situated within Aosta’s city walls of Freydoz Champorchez. The Act of Foundation was registered on April 17, 1773. The hospital began functioning in 1774. It was named Hospital of St. Mauri ...