, Volume 31, Issue 3, pp 130-132

Assessment of sexual maturity in a cohort of adolescents with celiac disease on gluten-free diet

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Delayed sexual maturation is a known complication of celiac disease (CD). There is paucity of data regarding the effect of gluten-free diet (GFD) on sexual maturity in patients with CD in India. We did a cross-sectional observational study to assess the sexual maturity in 30 adolescents with CD on GFD for at least 1 year, and evaluated factors which affect their sexual maturity. Sexual maturation was assessed using Tanner’s stages of sexual development. All adolescents had completed 2 years of GFD and 53 % had completed 4 years of GFD. Sexual maturation was delayed in 30 %. Age at initiation of GFD was associated with attaining appropriate sexual maturity (p = 0.048). We conclude that delayed sexual maturation is not uncommon in adolescents with CD and may be corrected by early diagnosis and initiation of GFD.