, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 263-274
Date: 08 Sep 2013

Single camera time-resolved 3D tomographic reconstruction of a pulsed gas jet

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Experimental characterization of micro-jets is challenging because of the small dimensions of the micro-nozzle. In this study, we propose a new technique to visualize the instantaneous 3D structure of a pulsed gas micro-jet. Using phase-averaging of Schlieren visualizations obtained with a high-speed camera and 3D reconstruction through a filtered back projection algorithm, it is possible to follow the high-speed dynamics of the pulsed jet. The experimental technique is illustrated by a 3D reconstruction of a pulsed helium micro-jet. The technique is simple yet very useful. To our knowledge, it is the only experimental method to analyze the instantaneous 3D structure and high frequency dynamics of pulsed micro-jets.

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