, Volume 85, Issue 12, pp 1833-1842
Date: 11 Jan 2012

Mesonic and baryonic Regge trajectories with quantized masses

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We have constructed some Regge trajectories for mesons and baryons by taking the 70 MeV spinless mass quanta as the ultimate building block for the light hadrons. In order to make masses integral multiples of seventy, small changes in masses has been made with due explanation. We have shown how a linear relationship between J and M 2 is maintained by considering quantized hadron masses, which is a direct consequence of the string model and gives a strong clue for quark confinement. It has also been established that mesons and baryons have different slopes and the slopes of baryons is less than the slope of the mesons. This clearly defies the concept of universality of slopes (α ≈ 1.1 GeV2) of hadrons, which can only be achieved if the strings joining the quarks have constant string tension α = 1/(2πσ) (where σ is the string tension).