, Volume 51, Issue 2-3, pp 101-113
Date: 27 Oct 2011

Reframing customer value from a dominant logics perspective

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Customer Value (CV) is one of the most crucial concepts in the field of marketing. Literature states that the identification and creation of CV is decisive for the strategic success of any organization. Moreover, CV was coined a hot research topic in the field of marketing for the years of 2010–2012 by the Marketing Science Institute (2010). However, there is still no clear opinion about the concept per se, as there is currently no accepted CV definition. What is more, since a broad variety of fundamental developments, such as the rise of the service-dominant and customer-dominant logic, touched the CV concept in the past years, there is a need to reflect upon them. Therefore, the article addresses this challenge and analyzes recent developments to provide a common basis for future research. Moreover, the resulting implications for CV creation are provided. Focal questions that arise when considering CV include: What is the nature of CV and how can value be created considering the implications of both logics?