, Volume 13, Issue 9, pp 782-788
Date: 30 Oct 2009

Validation of the Mini Nutritional Assessment short-form (MNA®-SF): A practical tool for identification of nutritional status

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To validate a revision of the Mini Nutritional Assessment short-form (MNA®-SF) against the full MNA, a standard tool for nutritional evaluation.


A literature search identified studies that used the MNA for nutritional screening in geriatric patients. The contacted authors submitted original datasets that were merged into a single database. Various combinations of the questions on the current MNA-SF were tested using this database through combination analysis and ROC based derivation of classification thresholds.


Twenty-seven datasets (n=6257 participants) were initially processed from which twelve were used in the current analysis on a sample of 2032 study participants (mean age 82.3y) with complete information on all MNA items. The original MNA-SF was a combination of six questions from the full MNA. A revised MNA-SF included calf circumference (CC) substituted for BMI performed equally well. A revised three-category scoring classification for this revised MNA-SF, using BMI and/or CC, had good sensitivity compared to the full MNA.


The newly revised MNA-SF is a valid nutritional screening tool applicable to geriatric health care professionals with the option of using CC when BMI cannot be calculated. This revised MNA-SF increases the applicability of this rapid screening tool in clinical practice through the inclusion of a “malnourished” category.

Collaborators: Bai J, Donini LM, Dumartheray EW, Elkan AC, Essed NH, Gómez Ramos MJ, Heseker H, Kaiser R, Krieg MA, Kuzuya M, Langkamp-Henken B, Lesser S, Magri F, Norman K, Ödlund Olin A, Overzier S, Paker-Eichelkraut S, Pauly L, Pepersack T, Pirlich M, Reinhart W, Rolland Y, Ruiz López MD, Saeglitz C, Schneider SM, Stehle P, Strathmann S, Visvanathan R, Volkert D, Winning K.