, Volume 4, Issue 6, pp 307-315
Date: 03 Nov 2012

On Dinosaurs, Measurement Ideologists, Separatists, and Happy Souls

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If one is interested in the past, present, and future of the global community of all scholars who deal with information systems, the North American Information Systems (NAIS) community and the Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) community from the German-speaking countries are reliable proxies. This is because they prototypically epitomize characteristics that are shared by almost all communities worldwide (Buhl et al. 2012; Frank et al. 2008). Both communities have developed rather independently in the last decades and, as will be seen below, feature complementary strengths and weaknesses today. Moreover, both communities face complementary challenges that partly result from their individual weaknesses and partly from changes in their ecosystems. With many members of either community being unhappy with the status quo, adaptation is inevitable!

To put one thing straight at the very beginning: The question is, in which future both communities desire to live, a ...

This article constitutes an “editorialized”, partly shortened, and partly extended version of the paper “Business and information systems engineering: a complementary approach to information systems – what we can learn from the past and may conclude from present reflection on the future” by Hans Ulrich Buhl, Günter Müller, Gilbert Fridgen, and Maximilian Röglinger that appeared in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems 13(4):236–253, April 2012. The editorial has been presented as a keynote on the BIS conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, in May 2012 and the BISE workshop in Hannover, Germany, in October 2012. An earlier version has been published in the BIS proceedings.
This article is also available in German in print and via http://www.wirtschaftsinformatik.de: Buhl HU, Fridgen G, Müller G, Röglinger M (2012) Von Dinosauriern, Tonnenideologen, Separatisten und glücklichen Seelen. Vorschlag und Begründung eines Wegs, um die weltweite IS/WI-Community glücklich zu machen. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK. doi: 10.1007/s11576-012-0342-2.