, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 45-48
Date: 21 Dec 2010


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Increasing customer expectations and cost pressure intensify the competition in many businesses. New technologies can help to gain competitive advantages and reduce cost at the same time. The integration of the real world into the digital one will be key to enable automated processes. The increasing distribution of modern handhelds, with high-resolution displays and cameras, favors 2D-Codes as an innovative and cost-efficient solution for customer integration and the linkage of both worlds. After a short technology overview and description of common 2D-Codes, the article introduces several usage scenarios. In certain businesses, for example ticketing, 2D-Codes are already established and have proven the potential and road capability. Finally, the paper ends with an outlook about the future development of 2D-Codes and the advantages over RFID technology (Lammert and Grauer 2006, pp. 198–205).


In the following section, the 2D-Code technology is described as an evolut ...

Accepted after three revisions by Prof. Dr. Sinz.
This article is also available in German in print and via http://www.wirtschaftsinformatik.de: Knuchel T, Kuntner T, Pataki EC, Back A (2010) 2D-Codes. Technologie und Anwendungsbereiche. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK. doi: 10.1007/s11576-010-0255-x.