, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp 317-320
Date: 31 Aug 2010

Ambient Intelligence

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A Concept Takes Shape

The concept ambient intelligence was first introduced more than ten years ago by the EU Information Society Technologies Advisory Group (ISTAG 1999). The result was a visionary description of a technological development in which information and communication systems are embedded in the user environment and enable numerous ways of individual support from the background. Until now, the term has played a secondary role in the German-speaking research community of business and information systems engineering (BISE). Instead, synonymous terms like pervasive computing or ubiquitous computing have been used (cf. e.g. Mattern 2001). The journal it – Information Technology was the first to dedicate an exclusive issue to the topic in a special issue (n.a. 2008). Moreover, some papers in the context of sub conferences as part of the Multi-Conference on Information Systems (MKWI) dealt with and identified ambient intelligence. Furthermore, the use of the concept, which has bec

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