, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 326-330
Date: 26 Jun 2009

Unified Communications

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1 Subject matter

Unified Communications (UC) stands for integrated, managed communication (Picot et al. 2008). UC systems are the result of the convergence of telecommunications and information technology; they integrate traditional and novel communication media (speech, text, video) and devices (phone, computer) with presence information and further collaboration features (Riemer and Frößler 2007). A key aspect is the integration of UC functionality with business information systems (e. g. ERP, CRM software) and therefore with the core business processes of a corporation.

The aim of this catchword article is to introduce the UC concept and corresponding systems to illustrate its relevance for corporate practice using typical application scenarios, and to provide an outlook from the point-of-view of business and information systems (BISE) research.

2 Drivers of UC development

From an organizational perspective, the development of UC is being driven by typical problems of distributed collab ...

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This article is also available in German in print and via http://www.wirtschaftsinformatik.de: Riemer K, Taing S (2009) Unified Communications. WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK. doi: 10.1007/11576-009-0184-8.