, Volume 79, Issue 6, pp 557-562
Date: 22 Jun 2012

Distribution of Indus born mica along Gulf of Kachchh coast: Implications in understanding current dynamics

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Indus is one of the major sources of sediments to the Gulf of Kachchh. Yet only its <63 micron fraction is studied in detail with regards to the offshore current dynamics. Hence here we present our study on characteristic signature of the Indus sediment load (i.e. mica minerals) in >63 micron size fraction along the coast of Gulf of Kachchh. The spatial distribution of mica minerals along the Gulf of Kachchh coast was studied which showed in general decreasing trend as we move along the northern and southern coast of the Gulf of Kachchh but, an increase in amount near the southern mouth at Okha. The study shows that the earlier proposed tidal barrier is ineffective in restricting movement of mica across the mouth of the gulf due to its characteristic transport mechanism. Also the presence of mudflats along the gulf of Kachchh coast plays a vital role as sediment receptors in the active sediment transport processes and mica minerals prove to be a promising simple tracer in studying the Indus born sediments in the region.