, Volume 77, Issue 4, pp 349-359
Date: 15 May 2011

Petrography and stable isotope geochemistry of the cretaceous El Abra Limestones (Actopan), Mexico: Implication on diagenesis

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Petrography and stable isotopes (carbon and oxygen) geochemistry of limestones from the El Abra Formation, Actopan, were studied to identify their digenetic environments. The major petrographic types identified are mudstone, wackestone, grainstone, and boundstone. Most of the studied samples show positive δ13C values, except two samples (2 and 28), which are slightly negative values (−0.27‰ and −0.02‰). The organic remains identified in foraminiferal wackestone type can be responsible for the negative δ13C values. The δ18O values range from −12.41‰ to −4.02‰ and indicate meteoric diagenesis.