International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 126–139

Phase-field based simulation of microstructure evolution in technical alloy grades


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  • B. Böttger
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  • J. Eiken
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  • M. Apel
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  • A. Viardin
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  • A. Carré
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  • G. Laschet
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Research Article

DOI: 10.1007/s12572-011-0026-y

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Schmitz, G.J., Böttger, B., Eiken, J. et al. Int J Adv Eng Sci Appl Math (2010) 2: 126. doi:10.1007/s12572-011-0026-y


Scope of the present article is to review the current state of the art with respect to simulation of microstructure evolution based on the multiphase-field approach in technical alloy grades. Starting from a short overview about computational thermodynamics and kinetics and respective databases for technical alloys, an engineering approach to phase-field and multiphase-field models will be depicted in order to allow for a basic explanation of these methods—in general being developed by physicists and mathematicians—for materials scientists and metallurgists. These explanations are followed by examples of applications of the multiphase-field method to solidification and solid state transformations in steels, cast iron, superalloys, Al- and Mg-alloys, solders and other alloys and compounds. The article is concluded by a short description of present and future trends.


Multiphase-field methodTechnical alloysMicrostructure simulationThermodynamic databasesICME

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