Time forward observer based adaptive controller for a teleoperation system

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DOI: 10.1007/s12555-011-0306-0

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Minh, V.T. & Hashim, F.B.M. Int. J. Control Autom. Syst. (2011) 9: 470. doi:10.1007/s12555-011-0306-0


This paper presents a design of a teleoperation system using time forward observer-based adaptive controller. The controller is robust to the time-variant delays and the environmental uncertainties while assuring the stability and the transparent performance. A novel theoretical framework and algorithms for this teleoperation system have been built up with neural network-based multiple model control and time forward state observer. Conditions for stability and transparency performance are also investigated.


Neural networkstabilitytime forwad observertime variant delaytransparent performance

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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP)Tronoh, PerakMalaysia