, Volume 27, Issue 3, pp 177-181
Date: 19 Apr 2011

Co-occurrence of mycotoxins in swine feed produced in Portugal

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A total of 404 samples of commercial swine feed from Portugal feed mills were analysed by HPLC methods for the presence of mycotoxins: 277 samples of feed for fattening pigs were analysed for ochratoxin A (OTA), zearalenone (ZEA), and deoxynivalenol (DON), and 127 samples of feed for sows were analysed for ZEA and fumonisins (FB1 + FB2). Concerning feed for fattening pigs, 21 (7.6%) samples were positive for OTA, (2–6.8 μg/kg), 69 (24.9%) were positive for ZEA (5–73 μg/kg), and 47 (16.9%) were positive for DON (100–864 μg/kg). In feed for sows, the results showed 29.9% of positive samples for ZEA (5–57.7 μg/kg) and 8.7% positive samples for FB1 and FB2 (50–391.4 μg/kg). Co-occurrence of DON/ZEA was found most frequently, but simultaneous contamination with OTA/ZEA and OTA/DON was also found.