, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 379-383
Date: 05 Jul 2009

Oscillatory growth of nonfaceted dendrite and faceted plate during unidirectional solidification

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Nonfaceted dendrite and faceted plate in succinonitrile-0.7 wt.% salol and camphor-47.4 wt.% and −35 wt.% naphthalene mixtures were in situ observed during unidirectional solidification. Nonfaceted dendrite oscillates in the growth direction during unidirectional solidification, alternatively repeating fast and slow growth. The faceted phase, whose growth is operated by a two dimensional nucleation mode, also shows oscillation of growth velocity. The oscillation in the faceted phase is due to the intrinsic growth nature, while in the nonfaceted phase it is due to experimental artifacts, that is, thermal fluctuations in the cold and hot zones. The implications of the observed dendrite tip fluctuation in relation with the initiation of dendrite sidebranching have been discussed.