, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 283-293
Date: 17 Aug 2012

Determining chain digitisation maturity: a survey among Dutch CIOs

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Interorganisational or chain information systems have become a frequent subject of scientific research, but not often an empirical perspective on these systems is taken. In this study we develop a model for measuring the chain digitisation maturity of organisations (as a proxy for chains) and validate it by conducting a survey among 33 CIOs. We measure maturity on both technology and organisation, on both the supply and demand side of the focal organisations, resulting in four maturity dimensions. Furthermore, we show through a cluster analysis that the dataset can indeed be differentiated along those dimensions. Finally, three determinants, namely complexity of chain digitisation solutions, synchronisation of data, and the size of the organisation, appear to be correlated with chain digitisation maturity. We conclude that the topic of chain digitisation alignment deserves further research, as does its situationality for profit and non-profit organisations.

Responsible Editor: Hans-Dieter Zimmermann