, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp 259-268
Date: 10 Nov 2012

A Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Spectral Unmixing Algorithm Based on Variational Bayesian ICA

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Mixed pixel is a key issue in medium to coarse resolution remote sensing image, and it seriously restricts the remote sensing classification. This paper presents an Independent component analysis (ICA) algorithm based on the variational Bayesian (VB) methods, named VBICA, for spectral unmixing in multispectral remote sensing image. The model assumes that the mixed pixels to be separated are given as linear mixtures. The matrixes of linear mixtures are assumed to be unknown. In the Bayesian framework, the endmember and abundance have finally been achieved with Bayesian inference and approximate variational algorithm. The proposed method is evaluated and tested on a numerical simulative image from the noise resistance, area size, pixel purity, estimated number of endmembers and real multispectral remote sensing image of 100 × 100 pixels. Experimental results on simulated image demonstrated that compared to the Fast ICA algorithm, the proposed algorithm can give more accurate results, and the validity of the proposed algorithm is verified by the real multispectral remote sensing image of the similarity on spectral curves, average similarity and ground objects distribution maps.