, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 263-269

Strontium isotope analysis of human tooth enamel from Barsinia: a late antiquity site in Northern Jordan

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The archaeological site of Barsinia represents a model of a mixed subsistence strategy in the late antiquity of Jordan. Contrary to historians' belief that the late antiquity economy was stagnated, archaeological evidence at the site of Barsinia points to wealth accumulation as mirrored by the local wine industry and trade. As the economic growth may enhance population dynamics, the study tests the population mobility at the site using strontium isotope ratios from the human tooth enamel. The study comprised 12 right upper third molars and 12 rodent teeth samples. The results confirm that all of the sampled individuals were local to the area (raised in the area) and whose diets were probably obtained from spatially restricted localities in the region.