, Volume 3, Issue 5, pp 303-316
Date: 13 Aug 2010

Imaging Heart Failure in 2010

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Heart failure is a common and serious public health problem in industrialized countries. The epidemics of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and coronary disease are contributing to the increasing prevalence of heart failure. The diagnosis of heart failure is based on a detailed history and a thorough physical examination. Echocardiography plays a central role in aiding in the diagnosis and characterization of heart failure and in directing its management. This review highlights recent advances in echocardiography in relation to heart failure. Three-dimensional echocardiography, tissue Doppler imaging, and speckle tracking echocardiography represent recent developments in echocardiography relevant to heart failure and as such are emphasized in this review. Advanced cardiac imaging includes nuclear cardiac imaging, cardiac CT, and cardiac MRI, and they also play an important role in heart failure management; in this review we emphasize their application in heart failure secondary to ischemic heart disease.