, Volume 29, Issue 11, pp 979-991
Date: 13 Nov 2012

Anemia Control in Renal Transplant Recipients Receiving Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator (C.E.R.A.) Treatment: The AnemiaTrans Study

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Continuous erythropoietin receptor activator (C.E.R.A.) effectively enables anemia control in patients with chronic kidney disease, but little information is available in renal transplant recipients. The authors aimed to evaluate the effect of C.E.R.A. under clinical practice conditions on anemia control in renal transplant recipients.


This was a multicenter, retrospective, observational study carried out in adult renal transplant patients in the immediate posttransplant period and at late posttransplant period receiving C.E.R.A. in clinical practice. Patients’ data were retrieved from their medical charts at baseline and months 1, 3, and 6.


A total of 318 evaluable patients were enrolled into the study: 32 in the immediate posttransplant period and 286 at late posttransplant period (erythropoiesisstimulating agent [ESA]-naïve, n = 44; converting from other ESAs, n = 242). Patients in the immediate posttransplant period experienced a significant increase in hemoglobin (Hb) levels from baseline to month 1 (9.9±1.5 g/dL vs. 11.5±1.4 g/dL; P< 0.001). ESA-naïve patients showed increasing mean Hb levels from baseline to month 6 (10.1±0.7 g/dL vs. 11.7±1.0 g/dL; P < 0.001) and 94.7% achieved Hb ≥11 g/dL during the study. In patients converted from other ESAs, the percentage of patients with Hb between 11–13 g/dL was maintained from baseline to month 6 with no significant differences (61.0% vs. 62.4%). Mean monthly doses of C.E.R.A. at baseline were 134.4±56.4 μg, 81.3±28.1 μg, and 93.0±44.2 μg in immediate posttransplant, ESA-naïve, and converted patients, respectively. C.E.R.A. was well tolerated.


C.E.R.A. enables anemia control in renal transplant recipients, allowing target Hb levels to be achieved and maintained with doses even below those described in the Summary of Product Characteristics.

On behalf of the AnemiaTrans Study Group.