, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 387-392
Date: 23 Jun 2010

Acinetobacter baumannii outer membrane protein a induces dendritic cell death through mitochondrial targeting

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Acinetobacter baumannii outer membrane protein A (AbOmpA) is a potential virulence factor that induces epithelial cell death, but its pathologic effects on the immune system have yet to be determined. The present study investigated the pathologic events occurring in dendritic cells (DCs) exposed to a cytotoxic concentration of AbOmpA. AbOmpA induced early-onset apoptosis and delayed-onset necrosis in DCs. AbOmpA targeted the mitochondria and induced the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS were directly responsible for both apoptosis and necrosis of AbOmpA-treated DCs. These results demonstrate that the AbOmpA secreted from A. baumannii induces DC death, which may impair T cell biology to induce adaptive immune responses against A. baumannii.