, Volume 46, Issue 6, pp 744-750
Date: 24 Dec 2008

Inhibitory effect of methyl gallate and gallic acid on oral bacteria

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This study examined the ability of methyl gallate (MG) and gallic acid (GA), the main compounds of gallo-tannins in Galla Rhois, to inhibit the proliferation of oral bacterial and the in vitro formation of Streptococcus mutans biofilms. The antimicrobial activities of these compounds were evaluated in vitro using the broth microdilution method and a beaker-wire test. Both MG and GA had inhibitory effects on the growth of cariogenic (MIC<8 mg/ml) and periodontopathic bacteria (MIC=1 mg/ml). Moreover, these compounds significantly inhibited the in vitro formation of S. mutans biofilms (MG, 1 mg/ml; GA, 4 mg/ml; P<0.05). MG was more effective in inhibiting bacterial growth and the formation of S. mutans biofilm than GA. In conclusion, MG and GA can inhibit the growth of oral pathogens and S. mutans biofilm formation, and may be used to prevent the formation of oral biofilms.