, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 289-298
Date: 06 Mar 2011

Characterization of Bacillus mojavensis KJS-3 for industrial applications

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One of the strains of the Bacillus mojavensis group, Bacillus mojavensis KJS-3 (B. mojavensis KJS-3), which has been demonstrated to play a role in protecting plants against diseases as a bacterial endophyte and in reducing the accumulation of mycotoxins generated by an endophytic fungus, was recently discovered in food waste. In this study, the identification and characterization of B. mojavensis KJS-3 was performed via TEM analysis, API-zym test, API 50 CHB test, assays of catalase and oxidase activity, lactic acid production, stability under various conditions, antibiotic susceptibility, and cellular fatty acid composition. The overall results of this study demonstrate that B. mojavensis KJS-3 may have great potential as a probiotic product, as this bacterium is quite stable in somewhat harsh environments. B. mojavensis KJS-3 was positive on oxidase and catalase tests, and the conversion rate of glucose to lactic acid was 58.9%. Finally, anteiso-C15:0 (43.10%) was identified as the major fatty acid.