, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 363-365
Date: 18 Jun 2013

Die Chemie am Ursprung des Lebens

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Metabolic evolution is evolution without genetic replication and mutagenesis. Chemical reactions and their laws determine the formation of organic molecules from inorganic precursors in a primordial world of surface catalysis. Through ligand effects enhancement of transition metal catalysts may occur which could lead to an expanding pool of organic molecules with growing complexity and potential for the establishment of a primordial metabolism.

Claudia Huber Jahrgang 1963. 1993–1989 Chemiestudium (Diplom) an der TU München. 1993 Promotion am Lehrstuhl Organische Chemie und Biochemie, seit 1994 Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. G. Wächtershäuser als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der TU München.