Date: 04 Jun 2010

Detection of aberrant behaviour in home environments from video sequence

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We introduce an application for the detection of aberrant behaviour within home based environments, with a focus on repetitive actions, which may be present in instance of persons suffering from dementia. Video based analysis has been used to detect the motion of a person within a given scene in addition to tracking them over the time. Detection of repetitive actions has been based on the analysis of a person’s trajectory using the principles of signal correlation. Along with the ability to detect repetitive motion the developed approach also has the ability to measure the amount of activity/inactivity within the scene during a given period of time. Our results showed that the developed approach had the ability to detect all patterns in the data set examined with an average accuracy of 96.67%. This work has therefore validated the proposed concept of video based analysis for the detection of repetitive activities.

This work was supported by European Commission Project MEST-CT-2005-021024 and by Czech Ministry of Education project 1M0567.