, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 1069-1078,
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Date: 11 Aug 2009

Teaching Estuarine Hydrology with Online Data


The transfigurative development of automated online data sources from estuaries, coastal oceans, and their watersheds provides a tremendous opportunity for use by educators. In this article, one approach tailored for San Francisco Bay and its watershed is presented. Hydrology can broadly be defined as the study of the properties and distribution of water. Multidisciplinary hydrologic characteristics that are exemplified by typical online data include spatial variability, temporal variability, forcing mechanisms, historical context, and extreme events. Data analysis and manuscript preparation allow students to develop and utilize scientific skills such as critical reading of the literature, evaluating data sources and quality, writing and data presentation, and conducting peer review. The goal of this approach is to use recent local real-world data and publication to motivate graduate students to study estuaries and coastal oceans.