, 63:325

Three new species of Stelis (Orchidaceae) from Mexico


DOI: 10.1007/s12228-010-9171-z

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Gómez, R.S. Brittonia (2011) 63: 325. doi:10.1007/s12228-010-9171-z


Three new species of the genus Stelis from Mexico are described and illustrated; they were recently collected in the Tacana volcano region of Chiapas, and are named as S. annedamoniae, S. hagsateri, and S. soconuscana. For each species information is provided about habitat, phenology, and conservation status, and the relationships with similar taxa are discussed. Stelis andamoniae is similar to S. hagsateri and both are sympatric at the Tacana volcano; they are members of the Stelis argentata complex. The first has red-wine flowers, and glabrous sepals, while S. hagsateri has greenish-yellow flowers and glandular-papillose sepals. Stelis soconuscana is similar to S. bidentata, from which it is different by its broader leaves, raceme as long as the leaf, smaller flowers, and its distribution.

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ChiapasorchidsStelis annedamoniaeStelis hagsateriStelis soconuscana

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