, Volume 60, Issue 3, pp 217–227

A new species of Henriettea (Melastomataceae) from the Sierra de Baoruco, the Dominican Republic


    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Florida
  • James D. SkeanJr.
    • Department of BiologyAlbion College
  • Darin S. Penneys
    • Department of BotanyUniversity of Florida
  • Fabian A. Michelangeli
    • The New York Botanical Garden

DOI: 10.1007/s12228-008-9021-4

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Judd, W.S., Skean, J.D., Penneys, D.S. et al. Brittonia (2008) 60: 217. doi:10.1007/s12228-008-9021-4


Henriettea uniflora, which is known only from a diverse moist montane forest in the vicinity of Loma Trocha de Pey (or “Monteada Nueva”), Loma Pie de Palo, and Loma Remigio, the easternmost peaks of the Sierra de Baoruco, is described and illustrated. It is compared to species of the Henriettea squamulosa complex, especially H. squamulosa and H. ciliata. The species of this complex are characterized by an indumentum of ferruginous, stellate-lepidote hairs.

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MelastomataceaeHenrietteaDominican RepublicHispaniolaSierra de Baorucomegastyloids

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