, Volume 64, Issue 3, pp 513-523
Date: 18 Oct 2009

Aloysia axillaris (Verbenaceae), a new species, with notes on the genus in Bolivia

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Taxonomic and ecological notes on all species of Aloysia Palau occurring in Bolivia are provided together with a key to the species. Variation within several species is discussed and questions are raised about the status of many varieties recognised by earlier botanists. A. arcuifolia Nesom and A. herrerae Moldenke are treated as synonyms of A. fiebrigii (Hayek) Moldenke, A. beckii Moldenke and A. mizquensis Ravenna are treated as synonyms of A. gratissima (Gillies & Hook.) Tronc., A. boliviensis Moldenke, A. depressa Ravenna and A. peruviana Turcz. are treated as synonyms of a very variable A. scorodonoides (Kunth) Cham. ex Moldenke which intergrades with A. virgata (Ruiz & Pav.) Juss. ex Moldenke. A table of differences is provided to help distinguish these two ill-defined species. A. axillaris J. R. I. Wood, a Bolivian endemic is described as new, its solitary axillary flowers extending the definition of Aloysia to include species with this kind of inflorescence. The new species is illustrated.