, Volume 63, Issue 1, pp 17-40
Date: 24 May 2008

The genus Vitex (Labiatae) in the Flora Malesiana region, excluding New Guinea

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A revision of the genus Vitex is presented for the Flora Malesiana region excluding New Guinea. A key to all 16 species and two subspecies for the Flora Malesiana is provided. Descriptions are given of species, notes on ecology, distribution, local uses, vernacular names and conservation status are given for all species from the Flora Malesiana region which were not included in the species treatment for New Guinea, and those that were included in the latter treatment are usually expanded. Vitex medusaecalyx H. J. Lam, V. siamica F. N. Williams and V. vestita Wall. ex Walp. are lectotypified in this paper and 18 names are placed into synonymy for the first time. Seven names are treated as doubtful names and 35 names are excluded from the present definition of the genus.

Accepted for publication October 2007.