, Volume 53, Issue 5, pp 395-401
Date: 16 Dec 2008

Sequence analysis and heterologous expression of the lincomycin biosynthetic cluster of the type strain Streptomyces lincolnensis ATCC 25466

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A cosmid bearing an insert of 38 217 bp covering the gene cluster and its flanking regions of type strain Streptomyces lincolnensis ATCC 25466 was sequenced. Two relatively extensive sequence changes and several hundred point mutations were identified if compared with the previously published sequence of the lincomycin (Lin) industrial strain S. lincolnensis 78-11. Analysis of the cluster-flanking regions revealed its localization within the genome of the ATCC 25466 strain. The cluster-bearing cosmid was integrated into the chromosome of Lin non-producing strains S. coelicolor CH 999 and S. coelicolor M 145. The modified strains heterologously produced Lin but the level dropped to ≈1–3 % of the production in the ATCC 25466 strain.