, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 7-14

Dependence of montmorillonite dispersion in nanocomposites on polymer matrix and compatibilizer content, and the impact on mechanical properties

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A series of polyurethane (PU)/monmorillonite (MMT) or nylon 66/MMT nanocomposite were prepared by melt-compounding method to take a close look at the MMT dispersion in the nanocomposite depending on the polymer matrix and the compatibilizer content. Cloisite 30B, the brand name, was selected as MMT, because surface was covered with methyl tallow bis-2-hydroxyethyl ammonium group and the reduced surface hydrophilicityity rendered MMT dispersed better in polymer matrix compared to bare MMT. MMT dispersion, due to the difference in hydrophilicity and the fondness of similar hydrophilicity, was better in nylon than PU. Maximum stress and tensile modulus could be increased by the control of MMT content for both nylon and PU, and the compatibilizer, when added at the same MMT content, also could increase the tensile properties of both nylon and PU. It was found from this investigation that the good dispersion of MMT in polymer matrix can improve the mechanical properties of nanocomposite.