, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 95-102
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Analysis of Film Condensation Along a Vertical Flat Plate Under Sinusoidal G-Jitter

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Transient phenomenon of laminar film condensation along a vertical flat plate under sinusoidal g-jitter has been analyzed, based on the same assumptions of Nusselt’s analysis of film condensation where the heat transfer within the liquid film is by pure conduction. The momentum equation retains the transient term. The perturbed acceleration due to gravity has been assumed to be a sinusoidal function of time and frequency of oscillation for the simplicity. The resultant equation has been solved analytically and the velocity profiles and mass flow rate under such g-jitter has been simulated. It has been observed that at the different heights the velocity response with time is purely sinusoidal with different amplitude. Last but not the least; boundary layer thickness is also oscillating with time, hence heat transfer coefficient. However, the entire analysis is an extension of Nusselt’s analysis of film condensation which includes transient response.