, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 131-162
Date: 13 Mar 2010

Recognition of earthquake-prone areas (M ≥ 5.0) in the Iberian Peninsula

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Seismogenic nodes capable of earthquakes with M ≥ 5.0 or I 0 ≥ VII have been identified in the Iberian Peninsula using the pattern recognition approach. Recognition objects, morphostructural nodes, have been delineated with the morphostructural zoning method. Most of the recognized seismogenic nodes (D) are scattered at the periphery of the Peninsula, while in its internal part, apart from the northern part of the Iberian Chain, there is no indication for the existence of D nodes. The performed recognition pinpoints a number of D nodes where moderate events have not been recorded to date, specifically, in the Cantabrian Mts, Portuguese basin, westernmost termination of the Betics, and in the area around Valencia. Some of the recognized D nodes are potential sources of seismic risk for nuclear and water power plants and large metropolitan areas.