, Volume 91, Issue 1, pp 136-139
Date: 05 Jan 2010

A man with concomitant polycythaemia vera and chronic myeloid leukemia: the dynamics of the two disorders

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The co-occurrence of JAK2 V617F mutation with BCR-ABL reciprocal translocation is uncommon. We report a 60-year-old man who initially presented with phenotype of polycythemia vera (PV), which evolved into chronic myeloid leukemia and back to PV once treatment with imatinib was commenced. JAK2 V617F mutation and BCR-ABL fusion transcripts were detected in the initial sample. However, JAK2 V617F alleles diminished when BCR-ABL mRNA burden increased and reappeared once the patient was commenced on imatinib. The dynamic interaction between JAK2 V617F and BCR-ABL implies that two independent clones exist with the JAK2 V617F clone only achieving clonal dominance when BCR-ABL positive clones are suppressed by imatinib.