, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 437-445,
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Date: 05 Apr 2011

Construction and Analytical Application of Internal Amplification Controls (IAC) for Detection of Food Supply Chain-Relevant Viruses by Real-Time PCR-Based Assays


Internal amplification controls (IACs) were constructed for incorporation into real-time nucleic acid amplification assays for bovine polyomavirus, hepatitis A virus, hepatitis E virus, human adenovirus, human norovirus genogroup I, human norovirus genogroup II, murine norovirus and porcine adenovirus. The addition of optimised amounts of IAC into the assays did not affect the limits of detection for each specific target virus. A poorly performed extraction of viral nucleic acids was simulated, and the effectiveness of IACs in identifying failed assays was demonstrated. The IACs constructed in this study can be reliably used in their specific assays to provide a robust control that can be routinely applied in the analysis of foods for viruses.