, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 233-236
Date: 29 Apr 2012

Neuroetica, a Look at the Development of the Italian Debate on Neuroethics

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Neuroetica, science of the brain, philosophy and free will [1] is a collection of eight papers edited by Andrea Lavazza, scholar of Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science and Giuseppe Sartori, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience.

The essays mirror the different approaches of their authors (mainly philosophers, but also lawyers and psychologists), therefore the book does not present a unitary and coherent view.

The editors themselves point out, in the introduction, that the “aim of the book is to deepen knowledge about neuroethics, providing the reader with a general understanding of the recent developments, highlighting the consequences deriving from these developments and introducing the terminology related to the debate and to investigation in this field”.

Please note that the original text is in Italian, so from now on all the quotes from the book, as well as the title of the chapters, are my translation of the original text in Italian into English.

The editors choose an approach tha ...