, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp 1-14
Date: 23 Feb 2010

The Power of Global Aging

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The principal aim of this article is to analyse the swift expansion in the proportion of older people across the globe, and to highlight the main social and economic forces causing this. Specific areas of the globe such as North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa will be focused on in detail before I discuss some of the key challenges and consequences of global aging for global society. The paper is underpinned by a political economy of aging perspective that highlights how globalization and global aging are key driving forces that raises critical questions about the power of the individual nation state to deal with a global problem: an aging population. Globalization as both an analytical tool and social practice throws into flux the policies and practices of individual nation states to address social, economic and political issues for older people focusing on pensions and health and social care. It highlights how research needs to move from being state centred to one of which acknowledges global forces and the impact on populational aging.