, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 99-105

Real effects of real child sexual abuse

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Editor’s Note: In 1998, the Psychological Bulletin-a peer-reviewed journal of the American Psychological Association (APA)-published an article entitled “A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples”. One of the conclusions of the article was that sexual relationships between adults and children may be much less harmful to children than generally believed. In an unprecedented action, the Congress of the United States, and later the APA itself, condemned the article. In consideration of the importance of these events, the editors of Sexuality & Culture invited the authors of the original article (Drs. Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman), as well as several other authors, to discuss the merits and pitfalls of that article. This mini-forum was published in the Spring 2000 issue (Volume 4, Number 2). One of the authors, Dr. Spiegel, presented methodological objections to the original study, to which the authors were allowed to reply. Dr. Spiegel’s reply to their reply appears here.
The author wishes to thank Lisa Butler, Ph.D., for her critical review of the manuscript.