, Volume 49, Issue 6, pp 500-505
Date: 18 Oct 2012

Mating Market Dynamics, Sex-Ratio Imbalances, and Their Consequences

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One of the most interesting and significant facts about coupled sexual behavior is the underlying market economy to it all. Once you peer into it, it’s remarkable how it works. You might think it doesn’t or shouldn’t work this way when it comes to this most intimate and private of actions. But it does. And mating market dynamics continue to be consequential for how people live their lives, the options they’re afforded, and the choices they make. At face value, the mating market concept is fairly elementary and certainly very old. Notable changes, however, have emerged in recent decades, and social scientists and social scientists are detecting their consequences.

The Economics of Sex

Sex is, among other things, a social exchange. There is a basic economics that typically precedes emerging-adult relationships and constitutes the setting in which they develop, end, or continue. In their 2004 Personality and Social Psychology Review article entitled “Sexual Economics,” social psychologists