, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 208-212
Date: 25 Mar 2011

The Higher Education Bubble

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Academically Adrift was released in mid-January to widespread and well-deserved notice in the popular and trade press and in the blogosphere. ABC Nightly News did a segment on it—probably a first for an empirically-based and fairly technical analysis of data on the intellectual performance of college students. The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed ran numerous columns and attracted abundant comments. Perhaps the first thing to note about the book that underlies Arum and Roksa’s article is that it struck a resonant chord. The initial comments generally divided between those who saw confirmation of something they already suspected and those suspicious that Arum and Roksa had employed, as one writer put it, “an oversimplistic [sic] metric.”

Those who have doubts about the value of the Collegiate Learning Assessment as a general tool or about the “performance task” component of the CLA on which the authors relied will have time to pore over the details, but I judge the anal ...