, Volume 81, Issue 4, p 422

Immunization in Practice - Clearing the Cobwebs: Correspondence

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To the Editor: We read the article “Immunization in Practice–Clearing the Cobwebs” in ahead of print publication of Indian Journal of Pediatrics [1] with a lot of interest and noticed some information which can be misleading for practicing pediatricians and post graduate students who are the primary target readers of this article, apart from several typographical errors. The purpose of this communication is to draw attention of the authors. We have following observations:

In Abstract: In the list of vaccines supplied free of cost by Govt. of India the name of MMR is missing but the newest member of this group Hib vaccine, which is included so far in only 9 states in India has been included.

In abbreviations: In PCV, ‘C’ stands for conjugate and in IPV, ‘I’ stands for Inactivated.

In section on scheduling of vaccination: A statement is made “However if two or more live vaccines are to be administered, then an interval of 28 d are required….”

This statement should be suitably modified to say