, Volume 80, Issue 8, pp 708-709
Date: 24 Nov 2012

Direct Economic Cost of Acute Asthma in Emergency Department

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To the Editor: Asthma is one of the most important current respiratory diseases [1]. A world wide increase in the prevalence of asthma has been reported recently [2]. It is one of the most costly chronic diseases and contributes to a significant factor of health care services utilization, particularly emergency departments [3]. The knowledge of the cost of asthma is valuable in documenting the burden of the disease and in developing strategies for the management and health economics in future in each country [4]. Our study is the first pilot study of emergency visit during 1 y in Iran. This cross-sectional study, was performed at emergency department of a referral center in an educational hospital of Tehran (Children Hospital Medical Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences) and assessed asthmatic children’s files who were admitted from 21 March 2008 till 21 March 2009 for asthma attack. The cost of medical care for each patient in one admission was evaluated. This study include ...