, Volume 80, Issue 10, pp 884-885
Date: 22 Nov 2012

Hypertension During Therapy with Triptorelin in a Girl with Precocious Puberty

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To the Editor: GnRH-receptor agonists are used for treatment of central precocious puberty (CPP) and relative safety and tolerability in children are reported [1].

In experimental studies, hypertensive crisis during treatment with triptorelin is described and attributed to hypoestrogenism [2]. Postmenopause is associated with increased incidence of hypertension; estrogen low levels have important effects on venous system that reverse in animal model by hormone replacement therapy [3].

We report a “suggested” association between hypertension and triptorelin therapy in a girl with CPP. A 5-y-old girl presented with breast enlargement (Tanner B2), without any other sign of sexual maturation and with prepubertal hormonal status.

At the age of 7y, she showed progressive breast development (Tanner B3), bone age advancement (SDS-BA 2.5), elevated height velocity (SDS-v 3.17). Blood pressure (BP) was 105/70 mmHg (50th centile for systolic and 90th centile for diastolic [4]).

Endocrine examination ...