The safe surgeon

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Cardiac Surgery has come a long way since Bailey’s Mitral Valvotomy [1]. It is now very clear that heart surgery is safe effective and in some areas preserves life in terms of quality [2], although we are not sure any Cardiac Surgery can prolong life. The word prolong was perhaps used in comparison to the natural history of the disease rather than to adding extra years to one’s life.

Who is a Safe Surgeon (SS)? And what does SS do differently? The current generation of busy surgeons do not have the time or inclination to adhere strictly to surgical safety recommendations. Although “safe surgeon” cannot be clearly defined, we have put down certain basic characteristics that are desirable, and hope these will help professionals to change their mindset for improved outcomes.

A SS evaluates his patient personally. It is necessary to make eye contact, discuss, and reassure the patient directly. It is very essential that SS examine the patient thoroughly and seek relevant history. SS learns to