, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 2-3
Date: 14 Apr 2012

Evolution in the Museum

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From the emergence of the natural history museum in the late nineteenth century, it has been a critical and powerful vehicle for disseminating evolution to the public. Natural history museums largely emerged to espouse the tenets of Darwinism, and they continue that legacy as evolution continues to cohere almost all of the research, exhibition, and education that happen in museums today.

This issue is not only a celebration of Darwinism in the museum, but also a celebration of how museums globally find challenging and creative ways to present evolution to its many, disparate publics. To celebrate and critique the role of the museum in evolutionary education, the papers in this special issue represent an important cross-section of thinking about evolution in museums. There also is great variation in the voices, content, and style that contribute to this special issue, a reflection of the varied nature of thinking about museums—from descriptions of novel exhibition designs to pedagogical ...