, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 700-707
Date: 28 Oct 2009

Print Reference Sources about Evolution

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The expanded selection of high quality digital information resources about evolution on the World Wide Web should not eclipse the continued availability of high-quality works in print. Of course, until the recent past, print was the dominant medium for information resources about evolution, the digital medium not being well enough developed. Print resources cannot be distributed as widely as digital resources; nonetheless, they are available to many people who live near enough to a library to use the books on site or to request them for delivery by inter-library loan. Moreover, printed books can play an important role in the research process that digital resources cannot: a well-designed book is readable in a way that digital resources generally are not, providing visual and spatial cues about a reader’s place in the exposition or argument of the text, and they can be physically manipulated in a way that can help a researcher frame and develop his or her ideas.