, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp 33-35
Date: 21 Nov 2007

The Five Major Divisions (“Kingdoms”) of Life

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The following lesson plan was originally used in a ninth grade special education biology class. Students require some background knowledge on the characteristics of the five major divisions of life (“kingdoms”). For the purposes of this lesson, prokaryotes (“bacteria”) are recombined into one major group, the Monerans. To adapt this lesson for a more advanced group, find additional reproducible illustrations that clearly show the differences between Archaea and Bacteria.

Aim: How can we classify organisms?

Instructional Objectives (students will be able to...)

  • ▪Explain how and why living things are divided into kingdoms.

  • ▪List and describe the five kingdoms of living things.

  • ▪Work cooperatively with peers.

  • National Science Education Content Standards:

    • Unifying Concepts and Processes in Science

    • ▪Systems, order, and organization

    • ▪Evidence, models, and explanation

    • ▪Form and function

    Materials: Biota images handouts, poster board, scissors, glue, markers, class notes.


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    Illustrations by Mike Gaspar.